Professional Scrum Master – Immersive

Course Scheduled Date: 12 Apr-17 May-24

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Scrum Mastery – Predictability – Team Dynamics – The Scrum Framework


This is an Immersive Learning Course – What does that mean?

Immersive courses require a greater commitment of time and engagement throughout the duration of the course as it involves doing work between sessions, including:

  • Mandatory self-study
  • Practical assignments
  • Trainer 1-2-1s (Optional, but encouraged)

The benefits of this increased commitment include:

  • Deeper learning
  • Easier scheduling around work commitments
  • Ability to learn from practical assignments between sessions
  • Ability to learn from the groups experiences throughout the course

The course runs on Friday afternoons 12 PM – 4 PM UTC+0.


Course Overview

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course is the flagship course of Scrum.Org. It is designed with the aspiring professional in mind, and is suitable for both the beginner and expert practitioner.

If you are want to learn more about Scrum this is the course for you. You will learn about why we use Scrum, how to navigate complexity using empiricism, the Scrum framework and all its moving parts, and what it means for a Scrum Master to be a true leader that serves.

Whilst the course is framed around the point of view of a Scrum Master, the learning is just as valuable and relevant for any leader or professional that needs to navigate the world of product delivery.

You will leave the course with an understanding of Professional Scrum, the importance of the Scrum Values, and an appreciation for the ‘simple-but-not-easy’ nature of practising empiricism.


Who should attend?

Anyone looking to solve complex problems, regardless of industry, will benefit from attending. The Professional Scrum Master Immersive course is designed with:

  • Practitioners looking to start their Scrum Master journey.
  • Scrum Masters, Coaches, and consultants looking to deepen their knowledge about Scrum.
  • Anyone who works within, or interfaces with, product delivery.

Immersive learning is especially beneficial to those who:

  • Struggle to free up time during the day, or learn better in the evening
  • Prefer a mix of learning in the classroom as well as in your own time
  • Enjoy self-paced learning during self-study
  • Want more time for deep-dive discussions as theory is covered outside the classroom.


Learning Experience and Format

The course is delivered virtually via Zoom as well as using self-study in your own time, over the course of seven weeks with six classroom sessions.

The self-study occurs in your own time, between classroom sessions, and you then get together in the classroom to engage in a mix of collaborative exercises, liberating structures, and group discussions – as facilitated by your trainer.

Whilst we do follow a curriculum, the exact delivery differs from course to course to ensure the experience meets your needs and sets you up for success!

The basic structure looks like this:

3-10 Days Before course start [2-9th April]:

  • Classroom: 1-2-1 chat with Trainer
  • Self-Study: Setting up & Scrum Theory

Week 1 [12th April]:

  • Classroom: Theory & First Principles
  • Self-Study: Scrum Visual & Definition of Done

Week 2 [19th April]:

  • Classroom: Scrum Framework & Done
  • Self-Study: Value & Refinement

Week 3 [26th April]:

  • Classroom: Product Delivery with Scrum
  • Self-Study: Estimation & Forecasting

Week 4 [3rd May]:

  • Classroom: Forecasting
  • Self-Study: Scrum Master Choices & Great Leadership

Week 5 [10th May]:

  • Classroom: Scrum Master
  • Self-Study: Team Dynamics

Week 6 [17th May]:

  • Classroom: People & Teams
  • Self-Study: Pass Exam & Level-Up your Scrum


Assessments and Certifications

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course is associated with two globally recognized credentials, the PSM I and PSM II. Attending the course comes with a free attempt of the PSM I assessment, and a discount for the PSM II assessment.

These credentials, in the form of Credly certifications, are recognized in the industry as demonstrating a good understanding of Scrum, and Scrum.Org prides itself on their rigorous assessments.

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What You Will Learn

During the course you will learn about:

  • Why we use Scrum to begin with.
  • The Scrum framework and how it all fits together.
  • How to look ahead and deliver, using empiricism.
  • The accountabilities of the Scrum Master.
  • Working with people and teams.

Before Attending

You can attend without any prior knowledge or experience of Scrum. You will however get much more out of it if you make sure to do the below:

Useful Information