What You Will Learn

During the course you will learn about:

  • Practical techniques for creating, refining, and ordering the Product Backlog.
  • Identifying and effectively communicating with Stakeholders.
  • Capturing Stakeholder’s needs on a Product Backlog.
  • Better ways to make the Product Backlog more transparent.
  • How to use empiricism as a competitive advantage.


Before Attending

This class assumes a base level understanding of Scrum. You will get much more out of it if you make sure to do the below:

  • Have at least a PSM I/PSPO I certification, or a year of experience working with Scrum.
  • Read the Scrum Guide.
  • Attempt the Product Owner Open Assessment.
  • Have either a PSM I/PSPO I certification, experience working as part of a Scrum Team, or have taken part in the Applying Professional Scrum course (or similar introductory course on working with complexity).


Useful Information

Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills

Learn About

Product Backlog Management – Refinement – Stakeholder Management – Forecasting


Course Overview

The Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills course is an interactive course designed to help Scrum practitioners improve their ability to manage all aspects of the Product Backlog and stakeholder communication

Learn what it means for your Product Backlog to be an emergent, ordered list of what is needed to improve the product; the single source of work undertaken by the Scrum Team. How to deal with the Product Backlog changing constantly, and what it takes from a Product Owner to consider the many options available to them, when adding to, deleting from, updating, and ordering it.


Who should attend?

This course is ideal for:

  • Product Owners, or anyone looking for practical ways to manage their Stakeholders and Product Backlog.
  • Professionals interested in learning essential Product Owner practises.
  • Scrum Masters wishing to be an effective coach to Product Owners.
  • Anyone looking to improve their Product Backlog management skills, including Product Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Coaches, Agile Coaches, and Consultants.

This course assumes a certain level of confidence with Scrum, so is not suitable for professionals with little Scrum knowledge or experience.


Learning Experience and Format

The course is delivered either in-person or virtually via Zoom, as specified in the Location field, over one day. The classroom times run from 9 – 5PM UTC+0.

Both methods are delivered using an engaging mix of collaborative exercises, liberating structures, and group discussions – all facilitated by your trainer.

Whilst we do follow a curriculum, how it is delivered from course to course is never quite the same as another. We do this to ensure the experience is adapted to meet your needs and set you up for success!


Assessments and Certifications

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills (PSPBM Skills) course will receive a password to attempt the PSPBM Skills assessment.

PSPBM Skills class participants who attempt the PSPBM Skills assessment within 14 days of the class and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

These credentials, in the form of Credly certifications, and Scrum.Org prides itself on their rigorous assessments.

Need a private course?

If you need a private course, or would like to learn more about what I offer, you can set up a catch up using the link below.

Scheduled Public Courses

DateTrainerTraining CourseLocation
30 Oct - 1 NovOscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterVirtual
20-22 NovOscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product OwnerVirtual
4-6 DecOscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterVirtual
29-31 Jan-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product OwnerVirtual
01-Feb-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Backlog Management SkillsVirtual
5-7 Feb-24Oscar StyfApplying Professional ScrumVirtual
26-28 Feb-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterVirtual
29-Feb-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Facilitation SkillsVirtual
25-26 Mar-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product OwnerLondon
27-Mar-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Backlog Management SkillsLondon
12 Apr-17 May-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Master - ImmersiveVirtual
15-16 Apr-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Owner - AdvancedLondon
29-30 Apr-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Master IILondon
13-15 May-24Oscar StyfApplying Professional ScrumVirtual
3-5 Jun-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product OwnerVirtual
06-Jun-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Backlog Management SkillsVirtual
24-25 Jun-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterLondon
26-Jun-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Facilitation SkillsLondon
29-30 Jul-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product OwnerLondon
31-Jul-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Backlog Management SkillsVirtual
5-7 Aug-24Oscar StyfApplying Professional ScrumVirtual
27-29 Aug-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterVirtual
30-Aug-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Facilitation SkillsVirtual
27 Sep-25 Oct-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Owner - ImmersiveVirtual
30 Sept-1 Oct-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Master IILondon
14-15 Oct-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Owner - AdvancedLondon
28-29 Oct-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterLondon
30-Oct-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Facilitation SkillsLondon
11-13 Nov-24Oscar StyfApplying Professional ScrumVirtual
25-26 Nov-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product OwnerLondon
27-Nov-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Product Backlog Management SkillsLondon
9-11 Dec-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum MasterVirtual
12 Dec-24Oscar StyfProfessional Scrum Facilitation SkillsVirtual