Welcome to the Scrum Experiment!


What is this about?

I am currently running an experiment on myself to use Scrum until the end of March, with the aim to deliver more value, more better!

Below you can see the Product and Sprint Goal I’m working towards, as well as a link to my YouTube channel where I’ll be livestreaming some of the work, including the Sprint Planning and Sprint Review events every Sprint.

If you are reading this, I consider you one of my stakeholders and would love your input on any and all of the things you see here – You can reach me on:

How can you interact?

For improved transparency, I’ve added a digital mirror of my Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog on Mural, and if you use the link below you can actually add your own suggestions in the Idea Box for me to consider adding to future Sprints.

If you do, I ask that you please also check the Working Agreement so we can maximize the value of working together. 🙂

Link to the Mural

Product Goal Progress 0%

Product Goal!

Reach 1000 Product Sales
Sprint Goal Progress 100%

Sprint Goal (Sprint 8)!

Enable Public PSM to run successfully!