Scrum in Action!

What is this about?

After running a 9 Sprints long experiment, I concluded that it enabled me to deliver more value, more frequently – so I’ve decided to keep doing it!

Below you can see the current Product and Sprint Goal as well as the progress towards them.


How can you interact?

If you are reading this, I consider you one of my stakeholders and would love your input on any and all of the things you see here.

For improved transparency, I’ve added a digital mirror of the Product and Sprint Backlog on Mural, and if you use the link below you can actually add your own suggestions to the Idea Box for consideration in future Sprints.

If you add your name to the idea, I will also make sure to credit you as having inspired it.

Link to the Mural

Product Goal Progress 0%

Product Goal!

≥50% of Public Courses Sold Out in 2023.
Sprint Goal Progress 0%

Sprint Goal (Sprint 10)!

My focus is on finishing the Event Agenda templates.

I believe this provides helpful templates for practitioners struggling with the Scrum Events.

This will be confirmed when the templates are downloaded ≥30 times.