How Difficult is it to Make the Transition From Project Manager to Product Owner?

Most of the people that I get to work with are clients who are transitioning from their previous ways of working which we tend to refer to as a waterfall or traditional project environment. Typically in a traditional working environment there are usually a lot of Project Managers working simultaneously due to the way they […]

Do Scrum Masters Train Product Owners or is it the Other Way Around?

Let’s face it, some of the baggage we have from how we’ve worked in the past tends to follow us. Which is why I have found that teams who have worked in more traditional settings, always feel that there needs to be some kind of hierarchy in a team environment. In any environment, regardless of […]

What will you learn on a PSPO course?

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course is a Scrum course about product ownership and management.  A Professional Scrum Product Owner is a role within the Scrum framework responsible for maximising the value delivered by the product development team. The PSPO also works closely with Stakeholders, customers, and the development team to understand their needs […]

How Does a Product Owner Order a Backlog Effectively?

Ordering the Product Backlog effectively is probably one of the most important challenges that organisations and teams face, and even though there are a million ways of doing it, the main goal is to find what is the most effective for you.  So, What Is The Product Backlog?  The Product Backlog is an essential tool […]