Becoming a Professional Scrum Master is probably one of the best things you can do for career acceleration and growth. Not only will you accelerate your career trajectory but you will also develop an Agile mindset whilst simultaneously providing value, ensuring quality and risk control. But before you dive into the deep, there are few things that I think everyone should know prior to the start of their Professional Scrum Master (PSM) 1 Course. 

First of all, learning Agile and Scrum and how we use it is  paramount. To some this may seem arbitrary at first but you’d be surprised by how many people have enrolled into PSM 1 training without a single clue about what Scrum and Agile is. And as a result, they really struggle to get a hang of it at the beginning. For this reason I always recommend that if you want to become a Professional Scrum Master, then you should do some basic reading and learning about what it is all about.

Now the Good Stuff; What You Will Learn

As stated previously the PSM 1 Course is quite an intricate and in-depth course that will expose you to the world of Scrum and Agile. As an industry recognised certification, you will be able tol demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to answer and understand:

🚀 Applying and understanding the Scrum Framework. 

🚀 Developing people and teams. 

🚀 Managing products with agility. 

Interested in enrolling in a life-changing course and adventure? 

Get in touch today and let’s work together on your journey to success! 

Pragmatic Shift is a Scrum Training, Agile Consulting, and Agile Coaching consultancy that specialises in delivering Scrum.Org certified scrum courses, and helping organisations increase their business agility and product development success through agile consulting and coaching.

We firmly believe that a shift to agile is a pragmatic shift. A natural evolution from traditional project management and product management. A proven, reliable, and resilient framework for addressing compelling problems and developing complex solutions.

Over a decade’s worth of experience as an agile practitioner, agile consultant, agile coach, and scrum trainer informs our pragmatic approach to change. Agile dogma has no value in the context of product development or organisational change.

Instead, we look to start where you are, work with what you have, and make meaningful interventions that align with the objectives you are trying to achieve.

Progress over perfection.

If this sounds like a pragmatic solution to you, visit the following pages for more information.

Scrum Training:
Agile Consulting: Coming Soon!
Agile Coaching:

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