Why I Prefer Agile to Traditional Project Management in Complex Environments?Having been a Project Manager and now Scrum Master/Trainer, a reflective question I often receive is on why I prefer Agile over traditional project management in complex environments.

In answering that question, I’d first like to say that I do not feel it is a case of saying that one is entirely better than the other but rather that they are distinctively effective in their own way under different situations. 
So for example if I needed to hammer a nail into the wall and had to choose between a hammer or a screw, I’d most likely choose the hammer. You see, even though both the hammer and screw are hand  tools, they are designed to be effective in different situations, and used for two distinct purposes. This is the way I like to see the difference in efficiency of Agile compared to traditional project management in complex environments. 

So when we’re dealing with complex problems in Agile, we do not really know where we are going or how to get to our desired designation. All we know is that we need to try something new and take action as rapidly and effectively as possible so that we can minimise risk at all costs. This is the goal of Agile. With traditional project management however, it might take us several times before we can actually replicate something or find the right tool for it. 

And so I prefer Agile because: 

🚀 Projects are divided into Sprints of a shorter span, making it more time effective. 

🚀 Less time is spent on planning and prioritisation. 

🚀 More flexibility is allowed.

🚀 Accountability and ownership are encouraged. 

🚀 Complex projects are managed in multiple interconnected stages. 

Finding the right tools in complex environments can be tricky, but honestly since the day I started doing things the Agile way, I have never looked back. 

Do you want to learn more about how you and your team could solve complex problems the Agile way?   
If yes, get in touch with me today & let’s work together on your journey to success! 

Pragmatic Shift is a Scrum Training, Agile Consulting, and Agile Coaching consultancy that specialises in delivering Scrum.Org certified scrum courses, and helping organisations increase their business agility and product development success through agile consulting and coaching.

We firmly believe that a shift to agile is a pragmatic shift. A natural evolution from traditional project management and product management. A proven, reliable, and resilient framework for addressing compelling problems and developing complex solutions.

Over a decade’s worth of experience as an agile practitioner, agile consultant, agile coach, and scrum trainer informs our pragmatic approach to change. Agile dogma has no value in the context of product development or organisational change.

Instead, we look to start where you are, work with what you have, and make meaningful interventions that align with the objectives you are trying to achieve.

Progress over perfection.

If this sounds like a pragmatic solution to you, visit the following pages for more information.

Scrum Training:https://pragmaticshift.com/training/
Agile Consulting: Coming Soon!
Agile Coaching:https://www.thescrumcoach.uk

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