Agile Leader Focus: Part 2If Agile is about navigating complexity, dealing with change – not just coping with it but instead capitalising on it – then you are taking something that could be a negative and turning it into a strength. 

This benefits not only you but everyone else around you. Being a truly great Agile leader is therefore someone who can be flexible in their approach to adversity, quick on their feet and competent when challenged. You could also consider an Agile Leader as being positive, assertive, and having a ‘can-do’ attitude to all that comes their way. 

This is vital because as we know the business environment can be cut throat and fast-changing. Which is why it is paramount that a good leader can identify these challenges early on, evaluate the data and evidence, and determine what course of action is best.

Making such informed decisions is a skill that is nurtured by experience, expertise and most importantly confidence in your capabilities. 

If I am to be honest with myself, I would say that I have been very fortunate as I have had many opportunities fall into my lap, more than most people, and for that I am grateful. One of my superpowers is the ability to experiment in the face of uncertainty and complexity, and a willingness to observe the data and evidence before committing to the next experiment.

A trial and error approach if you like. 

I see this as a strength because it gives me the confidence to walk into unknown territories and accept that failure is a path to learning and evolution. I won’t always get it right, but I will learn from the experience, and use what I have learned to improve my odds of success in the next trial I encounter.

An agile mindset encourages inspection, reflection, and innovation. You strive to identify the next best thing you can do to move forward effectively, and allow the data, evidence, and feedback to guide you to the best possible solution or outcome.

Agile Leaders are people who enable you to succeed, support you on where you want to go, identify strengths and opportunities for success, and help you achieve it. 
If you’d like to learn more about the role of an Agile Leader than get in touch today and let’s work together on your journey to success! 

Pragmatic Shift is a Scrum Training, Agile Consulting, and Agile Coaching consultancy that specialises in delivering Scrum.Org certified scrum courses, and helping organisations increase their business agility and product development success through agile consulting and coaching.

We firmly believe that a shift to agile is a pragmatic shift. A natural evolution from traditional project management and product management. A proven, reliable, and resilient framework for addressing compelling problems and developing complex solutions.

Over a decade’s worth of experience as an agile practitioner, agile consultant, agile coach, and scrum trainer informs our pragmatic approach to change. Agile dogma has no value in the context of product development or organisational change.

Instead, we look to start where you are, work with what you have, and make meaningful interventions that align with the objectives you are trying to achieve.

Progress over perfection.

If this sounds like a pragmatic solution to you, visit the following pages for more information.

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