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Applying Professional Scrum (APS) Course

Dive into the 'Applying Professional Scrum' (APS) course from Scrum.Org and emerge a Scrum connoisseur. This isn't just a course; it's a metamorphosis into the realms of Agile efficiency. Benefit from real-world applications, collaborative simulations, and feedback loops designed to supercharge your Scrum capabilities. Walk away with not just a certificate, but with the confidence to apply Scrum principles that elevate your projects and team dynamics to new heights of success. Join us, and become the catalyst for true Agile transformation in your organization.

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5-7 Feb-24VirtualApplying Professional ScrumOscar Styf £635 + VAT
13-15 May-24VirtualApplying Professional ScrumOscar Styf £635 + VAT
5-7 Aug-24VirtualApplying Professional ScrumOscar Styf £635 + VAT
11-13 Nov-24VirtualApplying Professional ScrumOscar Styf £635 + VAT

APS Learning Objectives

Learn from a deeply experienced Agile coach, Scrum practitioner, and Professional Scrum Trainer how to effectively adopt and implement professional Scrum.

Scrum Framework Mastery

Unveil the intricacies of the Scrum framework, with an inside-out understanding that demystifies its principles and practices.

Effective Team Collaboration

Harness the power of collective expertise, learning to facilitate a high-functioning Scrum team through communication and collaboration.

Product Backlog Management

Master the art of curating and prioritizing a product backlog that aligns with strategic vision and market demands.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Acquire the magician's knack for innovative thinking, solving complex problems with agile solutions that captivate and convert.

Sprint Planning Proficiency

Craft and conduct sprint plannings that are not just meetings, but ceremonies of commitment and clarity.

Iterative Valuable Delivery

Learn to navigate the rhythms of iterative development, delivering incremental value with precision and adaptability.

6 Reasons why people do the APS.

Over the years, we've talked with students and delegates to understand what drives them to invest in the Applying Professional Scrum course the most. Here are the 6 most common reasons why people choose to do the APS course.

Real-World Scrum Applicability

Participants crave methods that work not just in theory but in the trenches; APS offers actionable knowledge that stands up to the chaos of real-world challenges.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Master the art of fostering a collaborative and productive environment, enabling your teams to address challenges, adapt to changes, and deliver superior results consistently.

Agile Career Progression

The APS course is a career catalyst, propelling practitioners into roles that demand a nuanced grasp of Scrum and the ability to implement it effectively.

Scrum Team Transformation

This course is a team game-changer, equipping you with the tools to transform your squad into a unified force of Agile proficiency.

Expert Scrum Inscruction

Learn from a Scrum sorcerer like Oscar, whose decade-plus experience turns every lesson into a revelation, not just a lecture.

Engagement and Retention

For those weary of disengagement, APS reinvigorates your passion for Scrum, ensuring you're not just going through the motions but leading the Agile charge.

Agile + Scrum Videos

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