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Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Course

Do you aspire to excel as a Product Owner within the Scrum framework? Embark on an immersive educational experience with Oscar Styf, a veteran Scrum Coach with a rich tapestry of practical wisdom. Our Advanced PSPO course is not your average curriculum—it's an odyssey of transformation led by an Agile virtuoso who has navigated the product ownership trenches and emerged ready to steer you towards mastery.

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15-16 Apr-24LondonProfessional Scrum Product Owner - AdvancedOscar Styf £955 + VAT
14-15 Oct-24LondonProfessional Scrum Product Owner - AdvancedOscar Styf £955 + VAT

PSPO-A Learning Outcomes.

Decade of Excellence: Oscar has been in the Agile trenches for over ten years, coaching product owners, scrum teams, and agile groups, turning chaos into success stories.

Strategic Vision Mastery

Learn to craft a compelling product vision that resonates with stakeholders and aligns seamlessly with organizational goals.

Product Backlog Refinement

Develop an expert hand at refining and managing backlogs, ensuring clarity, visibility, and continuous value delivery.

Market Analysis Proficiency

Acquire the savvy to analyze and anticipate market demands, positioning your product to outshine the competition.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Elevate your skills in engaging and managing stakeholders / customers, balancing diverse interests with strategic product objectives.

Advanced Release Management

Master the art of release planning and forecasting, turning the complex interplay of market entry and user feedback into a strategic advantage.

Product ROI Optimization

Deepen your understanding of financial aspects, focusing on maximizing the return on investment and defining the economic viability of product features.

6 Reasons why people do the Advanced PSPO course.

Over the years, we've talked with students and delegates to understand what drives them to invest in the Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner course the most. Here are the six most common reasons why people choose to do the PSPO-A course.

Advanced Leadership Evolution

Stepping into a PSPO-A course is the call for those who are ready to rise as visionary leaders, driving product development with acumen and insight.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Gain an elite edge that sets you apart in the job market, turning product ownership into a strategic role that transcends the ordinary.

Complex Problem Navigation

Equip yourself with the finesse to navigate through complex product landscapes, where every decision can make or break your product's success.

Strategic Product Decisions

Learn to make strategic decisions with confidence, using a blend of intuition and analysis honed by advanced Scrum principles.

Increase Influence and Impact

Amplify your influence, becoming the linchpin between the scrum team, stakeholders, and users, delivering impact that echoes through the marketplace.

Empowered Leadership and Autonomy

Achieve the autonomy to steer your product's journey without second-guessing, armed with insights, strategies, and tools that empower decisive action.

Product Owner Videos

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Thing I love most about the PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner) course.

Thing I love most about the PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner) course.

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What will you learn on a PSPO course?

What will you learn on a PSPO course?

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