What is One of the Hardest Parts of a New Scrum Coaching Engagement?

When starting work with a new client, one of the hardest things to do as a practitioner is to resist the temptation of drawing conclusions, and instead spend time observing,listening as well as understanding what is actually happening. One of the traps that I see experienced people fall into, is that they often underestimate problems […]

Why is Transparency so Important in Scrum?

Why is Transparency so Important in Scrum?   When we are talking about Scrum, we are talking about an empirical process, because this is what Scrum is there to enable. The foundation and keystone that makes empiricism and Scrum work is transparency. According to the Scrum Guide, transparency requires processes and work to be visible […]

How Difficult is it to Make the Transition From Project Manager to Product Owner?

Most of the people that I get to work with are clients who are transitioning from their previous ways of working which we tend to refer to as a waterfall or traditional project environment. Typically in a traditional working environment there are usually a lot of Project Managers working simultaneously due to the way they […]

What Is My Favourite Agile Principle?

Now we all know that there are a lot of Agile principles out there and each of them bring their own unique strengths to the meal.   So, with that in mind, I would have to say that my favourite Agile Principle is the principle of pausing, thinking, and evaluating ways to improve on a […]

What Is Your Favorite Agile Value?

When people ask me what my favorite part of Agile is, my cheeky answer to that is value. This is because Agile is all about value, and determining how best we can maximise value to its full potential. However, to accomplish that, we need courage. And even though this may seem obvious or silly to […]

Why I Chose Scrum

A question that I often receive when I am training people on Scrum, is why I chose Scrum instead of all the other methods, and what inspired me to follow this path. My initial response is that yes I am aware that there are a wide array of methods out there and I have even […]

Why Does Scrum Certification Matter?

Scrum is an Agile methodology that enables teams to work in Sprints and complete valuable Increments of work that lead to a valuable product. By earning a Professional Scrum Master® (PSM)certificate, you’ll expand your knowledge on Scrum principles and Agile methodologies, as well demonstrate your skills as a Scrum Master.  In this course, you will […]

What Are Scrum Values and Why Do They Matter?

Scrum Values are an integral part of the Scrum Framework because it is the foundation blocks that guide the successful implementation of high-quality Product Development. If you were to remove the Scrum Values from the Scrum Framework and just use that on its own, the working environment would be quite brutal from a humanistic point […]